OlderFemaleVirgin - 47, responding June 24, 2013 at 6:12 pm @Sunny…It seems as though your broad response is more about being discouraged – and/or prepared for a pessimistic outcome.

Your words remind me of the story of the fox – convinced the grapes are sour because the grapes can’t be reached…I remember lyrics to as song you remind me of: “If you wanna be HAPPY for the rest of your life, NEVER make a “pretty woman” your wife – take it from a personal point of view, get an ugly girl to marry you!”…that song – and the previous example, made me sad.

I grew up in Massachusetts, and learned to know myself BY myself because the antics of my relatives cast a bleak impression over my – potential, future.

I’ve lived in Kentucky for long enough to be close to living half my life in each of two CommonWealth – yet, because I have no family, & I didn’t grow up here (in Kentucky), no one has connected to me.

Generations of people have said the same things you say, only to hush when a compatible (or compassionately tolerant) is available – to them.

No matter what physical attraction there is, if people don’t do what it takes to be pleasant companionship, or beneficial circumstance, there will be no connection.

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