Definitive Guide: Purple Gemstones, Features, Meanings, Jewelry and Pictures

This is a definite guide to purple gemstones for crazy gem fans. In this article we will talk about the color purple itself and all purple gemstones we can find in nature, their characteristics, meanings and how they inspire us the wearer as well as the jewelry designer for creativity.

Born to the purple Purple is a color that symbolizes nobility, as well as melancholy, mystery and charm, representing prestige, wisdom and elegance, a color that we can’t bear to forget.

In the past, purple was regarded as the color exclusively for the nobles. This was because the purple dyes and clothes made from them, commonly used by the Tyr in the Roman Empire, were only for the monarchs to wear, and they favored this color very much by at that time.

In the Byzantine era, emperors from the royal family would add the phrase “Born To The Purple” to his title, demonstrating his orthodox origin, as opposed to the monarch who obtained the throne by other means.

In Christian culture, purple represents the supreme power from the Holy Spirit, symbolizing sacredness, honor and love. For example, the main color of Advent (waiting and preparation for both the nativity and the return of Jesus) is purple, and in celebrations, people will accordingly use purple tablecloths and candles.

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