DARPA strives to make networks 100 times faster thanks to FastNIC

A slow connection is always frustrating, but imagine how supercomputers feel. All of these cores perform all kinds of processing at lightning speed, but in the end everyone is waiting for the outdated network interface to keep synchronization. DARPA doesn't like it. That's why DARPA wants to change it - in particular by creating a new network interface a hundred times faster.

The problem is this. As DARPA estimates, processors and memory on a computer or server can generally run at about 10 ^ 14 bits per second - that's convenient in a terabit region - and network equipment such as switches and fiber optics is able to do the same. https://ruby-softech.blogspot.com/

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Last-modified: 2019-10-11 (金) 19:10:48 (300d)